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September 25 - October 15, 2009


Sometime near the beginning of 2009, I learned that my friend Mike was planning to go on a 16-day trip to Japan that was being run by the Appalachian Mountain Club. Another friend of ours (Dave L) was one of the co-leaders on the trip. In looking over the itinerary for the trip, it sounded great. Since Japan was near the top of the list of places I wanted to visit, I decided to join the trip.


Not being satisfied with "just" 16-days in Japan, I decided to extend the trip by a few days. After the rest of the group left, Mike and I spent three days exploring Tokyo on our own. I had a great time in Japan and this page contains links to various memories from the trip.



Photo Highlights: Facebook photo album containing 120 of my favorite pictures from the trip. You should not have to be a Facebook member to view these pictures.

Picasa Album: About 350 pictures (including all of the Facebook pictures) that tell the entire story of the trip.


Travel Log

I try to keep a journal for every major trip that I go on. This is the journal from my trip. Here is a link to each day along with a brief description of where we were (you can start with the first day and there are links to the next day on the page):


Friday, Sept 25/Saturday, Sept 26: Travel from Boston to Tokyo.

Sunday, Sept 27: Tokyo. Imperial Palace, Ginza, Shiodome, Odaiba, Shibuya and Shinjuku.

Monday, Sept 28: Travel to Nikko to visit temples.

Tuesday, Sept 29: Hike up Mt Nantai.

Wednesday, Sept 30: Travel to Nyoto Onsen. Visit onsen.

Thursday, Oct 1: Hike ridgeline near Nyoto Onsen.

Friday, Oct 2: Lake Tazawa. Travel to Dewa Sanzen.

Saturday, Oct 3: Visit temples of Mt Haguro-san.

Sunday, Oct 4: Visit Matsumoto. Travel to Kamikochi.

Monday, Oct 5: Trek, day 1. Hike up to ridgeline. Climb Yari-ga Take.

Tuesday, Oct 6: Trek, day 2. Cross the Daikireto.

Wednesday, Oct 7: Trek, day 3. Climb Hotake Dake. Return to Kamikochi.

Thursday, Oct 8: Typhoon Melor. Travel to Nara area.

Friday, Oct 9: Temples of Nara.

Saturday, Oct 10: Walk in the hills outside Nara.

Sunday, Oct 11: Travel to Tokyo. Visit Mori Tower.

Monday, Oct 12: Tokyo. Asakusa, Ueno, Akihabara and Ginza.

Tuesday, Oct 13: Tokyo. Ichioji, Shinjuku (Golden Gai) and Horouji.

Wednesday, Oct 14: Tokyo. Edo-Tokyo Museum, photography museum, Shinjuku.

Thursday, Oct 15: Return to Boston.


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